Job Title:                     IT Manager

Salary:                        £42K – £52K

Location:                    London


The Company

A leading Land Based Casino operator is seeking a talented and experienced IT Manager to take ultimate responsibility for the following…

Objectives & Goals

  • To carry out your duties to the highest standards of efficiency in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Achieve and maintain a good working knowledge of and be able to support the following computer systems:
    • IGS NEON Casino Management System
    • MICROS EPOS System
    • Microsoft Office 365
  • Ensure effective communication is achieved and maintained by you and with colleagues, management and other departments and with external suppliers.

Role Activities


  • Ensure optimal ‘uptime’ / availability of gaming tables for customers through proactive management of the IT related infrastructure:
    • WiFi network
    • iPads and related Table/Gaming Management Apps
    • Baccarat Shoes
    • Billboard screens and keypad controls
    • Table PC units
    • Network switches and cabling
    • Casino Management System (IGS NEON)
  • Occasionally assist club members and their guests with personal devices or IT issues, such as accessing the guest WiFi network, or web services
  • Support for Internal Customers:
  • Ensure adequate availability of technical support staff
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Rostering
    • Assessment of performance
  • Maintain system of logging all IT helpdesk jobs
  • Provide reports of resolution times and trends of related/common issues
  • Maintain in good working order all office PCs and peripheral devices, including printers
  • Ensure photocopier/printer/scanner units are well maintained
  • WiFi network
  • Network switches and cabling
  • Provide assistance to individual users to resolve queries or issues with use of physical equipment, hardware or software


  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection Act 2018 / General Data Protection Regulations GDPR (EU)
  • IT Systems Register
  • Maintaining the Data Permeation Map
  • Liaison with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) in line with the following:
    • Subject Access Request Policy and Procedure
    • Data Breach Escalation and Reporting Policy
    • Records Management and Retention Policy
    • Data and Information Classification Policy
    • Data Disposal Policy
    • Privacy Notices (Customer and Employee)
  • Information Asset Register
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Accountable for Data Protection and Information Security Management in line with company policies, including but not limited to:
    • Access Management
    • BYOD Management
    • Password Management
    • Patch Management
    • Anti-Virus Management
    • Vulnerability Management
  • Join accountability with Human Resources for
    • New Starters, Movers and Leavers Policy
    • Clear Desk Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Email Policy
    • Social Media Policy
  • Ensure comms room/s are kept clean and tidy, maintain an up-to-date diagram showing locations of physical equipment, cross referenced with IT asset register and physical labels
  • Attend periodic meetings of the Operational Risk Committee and Risk and Controls Group, completing any assigned tasks arising from these meetings in a timely manner and presenting updates concerning Information Governance


  • Access Management to IT systems
  • Ensuring the principal IT systems upon which the business depends are fully operational
  • Telephone systems
  • Mobile devices
  • Responsible for compiling and submission of the annual IT CAPEX and OPEX Budgets in line with strategic direction from the CEO and Directors of Gaming and Non-Gaming Operations
  • Management of the CAPEX and OPEX budgets in line with cashflow
  • Supplier Relations / KYV
  • Obtain comparable quotations to ensure optimal value for purchases of software, hardware, services, gaming equipment
  • Attend monthly Heads of Departments and Food & Beverage Meetings to provide an overview of the activities IT department, completing any assigned tasks arising from these meetings in a timely manner.


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