Job Title:                   (Position Filled) Food and Beverage Manager – Casino

Location:                  Yorkshire

Salary:                       £25K


The Role

  • To support and assist the General Manager in achieving the highest possible standards of customer service and profitability and ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and company procedures.


  • Responsible for ensuring that F&B areas have the staff, equipment, facilities and raw materials to ensure their proper operational execution.
  • Responsible for making recommendations and planning for changes to product, experience and service standards to maximise the customer experience.


  • To support the General Manager in ensuring that F&B departments and personnel are operating in such a manner as to maximise revenues and control costs to maximise profitability and to ensure the security and proper recording of revenues and company stocks.
  • To assist with the preparation of the F&B budget and the creation of menus that reflect the business needs


  • Responsible for all aspects of the operational execution of food and beverage departments and associated entertainment and events activities.

With particular regard to but not exclusively:

  • To supervise and organise all F&B employees, facilities, equipment and raw materials to ensure the highest standards of product preparation, presentation and service are achieved.
  • To ensure that all F&B staff have the training, equipment, facilities and resources to properly complete their duties.
  • To provide, and ensure staff provide, and have the skills to provide, outstanding customer service and guest relations at all times.
  • To make recommendations to senior management on any and all aspects of the Club that could improve Guest Satisfaction.
  • Responsible for the selection, recruitment, training, appraisal, motivation, coaching & counselling of F&B staff members.
  • To strictly comply, and ensure all F&B staff comply, with all accounting, control and financial procedures as required by the company to safeguard stocks, monies and facilities.
  • To strictly comply, and ensure all F&B staff comply, with all current legislation and company procedures. For example but not exclusively in such areas as employment, licensing, Hygiene, Health and Safety and Gaming.
  • To foster outstanding co-ordination & communication with all Departments throughout the club to ensure guest experience is optimised.
  • To establish and maintain a positive and effective working environment for all staff.

To Be Coversant With

  • Company Fire Procedures.
  • Company Security Procedures.
  • Company Health & Safety and Hygiene procedures.
  • Company Financial and accounting procedures.
  • Company HR policies and procedures.
  • Operational procedures & Service Standards.
  • Short & long term marketing promotions.
  • Current Licensing Regulations.

Required Skills

  • An innovator and entrepreneur who understands Service.
  • Experienced in managing large, fast paced multi-faceted operations.
  • Experienced in management of staff.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Personal Licence Holder.
  • A good knowledge of service standards relating to all aspects of the service of food, wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks & beverages.
  • Very comfortable when communicating with guests and fellow employees both verbally and in writing and in making presentations to senior management.
  • Great sense of humour.
  • Great organiser, good persuader, great salesperson.
  • Positive and upbeat attitude.
  • A high level of personal integrity.
  • A strong work ethic with a passion for exceeding expectations
  • Show respect and appreciation to all.
  • Encourage and contribute toward a culture that supports everyone to be the best that they can be.

Desired Skills

  • Experience in recruiting new staff including interviewing.
  • Experience in carrying out investigative and disciplinary interviews.


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