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(Position filled) Casino General Manager

Job Title:         (Position filled) General Manager – Casino

Location:         Yorkshire


The Role

  • A leading Casino Operator is seeking an experienced and talented Casino General Manager to take full operational, strategic and financial control of the casino to drive the club on to even greater success.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To ensure the efficient operation of the Casino to the highest standard in all aspects.
  • To continually strive to develop the business at all times within the confines of the Law.
  • To prepare the budget for cash drop, margins, manning, capital expenditure, fixed overheads and variable overheads.
  • To study monthly management accounts and to take remedial action in case of adverse variance against profit plan.
  • To make improvement to cash drop, gaming margin and cash control through changes of policy within the casino, e.g. mix of tables, limits etc.
  • In conjunction with the Department Heads, ensure that the agreed staffing levels are achieved by recruitment and staff development.
  • To regularly appraise all management and staff and arrange technical / management training in order to meet the standards specified by the Company. 
  • In particular, to recognise and encourage those persons who are potential managers.
  • To maintain training programmes for new and existing staff in order that skills be upgraded to provide consistent staff succession and promotion.
  • To ensure the proper security of the premises at all times.
  • To give appropriate personal attention to members ensuring that they receive the highest levels of service, courtesy and comfort.
  • In conjunction with the Department Heads and Directors, to arrange and organise promotions for members appropriate to the Club.
  • To utilise all catering facilities to maximise the potential of the business.
  • To maintain a register of good customers and to follow up personally non-attendance of same.
  • To ensure proper inspection and maintenance of the Casino building, decoration and furnishings. 
  • To ensure that all staff facilities in the Club are maintained to an acceptable standard.
  • Constantly be aware of competitors’ activities and changes in the industry.
  • To be responsible for ensuring that the Casino is compliant with the appropriate laws and legislation.
  • Requirement of the application for and the renewal and display of appropriate licenses and notices.
  • Provide all possible assistance in the course of duty to Police, Gaming Board, Fire Officers, Customs and Excise, Environmental Health Officials in the Casino.
  • Ensure previous financial year related records are retained in good order in the Casino.
  • Attend on behalf of the Casino, local Licensing Court hearings and ensure any local by-laws are adhered to.
  • Ensure that relevant suspicious transaction reports are submitted to the nominated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).


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