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Audit Manager, Casino - Asia

Job Title:                    Audit Manager – Casino

Location:                   Asia


The Role

A leading Casino operator is seeking a talented and experienced Casino Audit Manager to join their dynamic and successful operation.


Job Responsibilities

The Audit Manager shall perform the following job duties:

  • Update casino internal audit system.

  • Make proposals on improvement of internal control systems and processes for ensuring efficiency of working process.

  • Conduct random audits to verify the data entry of all revenue, and related data for the daily revenue reports.

  • Conduct daily and random verification checks of all gaming documents, as well as random verification checks of primary documents with accounting data contained in the programs. 

  • Ensure strict operational compliance with the legislation and Company internal rules and policies.

  • Provide confidential reports to Directors and executive management of the Company as requested.

  • Study new requirements means and control systems for development of any new online system.

  • Attend regular departmental meeting, actively participate & communicate with other departments.

  • Manage the team of auditors through effective leadership and coaching.

  • Work closely with the Cage management and staff on the matters of operations with cash.

  • Work closely with the management and staff of Slots and Table Gaming on the matters of jackpot system settings.

  • Work closely with Front Office, Food and Beverage Department, Gaming Department, Cage Department, Marketing, Surveillance Department regarding the daily collection of documentation, reports, transactions and investigations.

  • Work closely with IT department and Accounting Department regarding systems and new developments, revenues, expenses and budgets.

  • Conduct investigations on gambling activities including reading the devices / checks in real time of slots tickets or tickets, cash, chips, cage / safe box documentation together with Surveillance.

  • Interact with Surveillance for conducting investigations and making decisions on controversial and non-standard situations on a regular basis.

  • Interact with IT and Finance on the matters related to the current systems, new developments, revenues, expenses and budget on a regular basis.

  • Interact with HR on all staffing issues, regarding recruitment and dismissal on a regular basis.

  • Ensure that auditors receive fair performance appraisals, against set measurable objectives.



Audit Manager has the right to:

  • Take part in discussion of issues being a part of his job duties. 

  • Make proposals and remarks related to activities improvement within entrusted area of work.

  • Request and receive required materials and documents related to the work of Audit Manager.

  • Inform his/her direct management of any flaws identified in operations.



Audit Manager shall be responsible for:

  • Improper performance or non-performance of his/her job responsibilities stated in this job description, Internal Labour Rules and Regulations.

  • False information about the status of the work performed.

  • Non-fulfillment of the orders, directives and instructions issued by the management.

  • Failure to take measures on restraint of detected violations of safety rules, fire safety and other rules that may pose a threat to the activities of the Employer and employees.

  • Non-compliance with the labour discipline.



Requirements - Qualifications & Knowledge

The Audit Manager shall have:

  • A Higher professional education.

  • At least 2-years’ work experience in a similar position.

  • At least 5-years’ work experience in accounting, audit or gambling industry.


Audit Manager shall have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Legal and regulatory acts, guidance materials related to Company gambling and business activities.

  • Labour legislation as well as Company disciplinary and termination policy.

  • Methods of development and implementation of standard operating operation for Audit regarding Table Gaming, Slots, F&B, Marketing, Front Office, and Cage & Count.

  • Reporting techniques and methods of audit of revenue from gambling activities and statistical data as instructed by the management.

  • Gaming and Hospitality Systems related to revenue, such as Advantage, Eview, Micros and OPERA.

  • IGT system and similar online systems such as EVIEW and ICB.

  • Company policy regarding safety rules and fire safety rules.



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